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Workflow Management

Extreme Form gives you powerful integrated workflow options. You will be able to connect any existing database or program to work in conjunction with Extreme Form's application's interface.

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Here are some examples:

  • Prefill data and deploy forms to specific respondents based on the answers from a prior form.
  • Use email alerts to initiate or trigger another event based on a particular response within any form.
  • Leverage the calculation and scoring functionality within Extreme Form to direct your respondents to different form items based on their prior responses.
  • Submit response data to a third party database triggered by a particular response.
  • Assign different sections of a form to be filled out by different people.
  • Track the status of each step in the data collection process.
  • Receive and disseminate relevant documents via upload/download links, and email attachments.
  • Distribute dynamically filtered custom reports to the appropriate users based on minimum response requirements, date, and user level.

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