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Snapshot of Extreme Form

Extreme Form lets you create and deploy your web-based business forms quickly and easily. The intuitive application interface makes it simple to replicate any existing enterprise forms or create entirely new custom forms with its drag-and-drop forms builder. No matter how complex the workflow or depth of integration required, WorldAPP's team of professionals will work with you to ensure that your Extreme Form solution meets your specific business needs.
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Key Advantages

  • Customize the look and feel: Extreme Form lets you replicate any existing form to look exactly like the original. You can create and design new forms with different input types like: checkboxes, dropdowns, single or multi-line text boxes, and grading scales.
  • Automate your people-driven processes: Streamline the way you collect and connect your enterprise information on a secure cloud-based platform. Eliminate bottlenecks from manual or paper-based processes by setting up custom workflows that streamline task management.
  • Browser-based Access: Users can securely access and execute your business forms in any work environment - in the office or out in the field with Mobile-Online, and Mobile-Offline solutions.
  • Advanced Form Logic: Integrate logic-transitions that guide the user based on input from previous forms fields. Use data validation to ensure that the form respondent enters valid data into each field.
  • Enterprise Integration: Extreme Form lets you use API calls to automatically transfer data to and from your existing enterprise applications. Whether you are using or your own homegrown ERP systems, WorldAPP's team of solution architects will ensure your Extreme Form solution is seamlessly integrated into your existing business process infrastructure.
  • Hosting Options: Extreme Form can be delivered under three different models: as a hosted cloud service (SaaS), a dedicated server SaaS, or as a self-hosted solution. Need to know more about hosting options?
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Single Sign On and LDAP

Save time and reduce security risks by allowing your IT teams to integrate directly into Extreme Form's core technology platform. Automatically create user accounts within the application and incorporate an auto-login feature that enables registered users to access their accounts instantly.

Enterprise Portals

Portals are unique software environments that give your stakeholders secure on-demand access to forms and information. Assign the appropriate access levels and user permissions to maintain a controlled and organized hub for your business processes.

Featured Video: Field-level Data Management

Capturing data in the field? View this on-demand video and learn how you can streamline your field-level operations. From onsite work orders and audit forms to more custom forms requiring photo validation and digital signatures, WorldAPP gives you the tools to run your mobile enterprise with speed and agility.
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